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Shanghai China Bund walk from Garden Bridge October 2009

The Bund in China’s Shanghai stretches one mile along the bank of the Huangpu River. Traditionally, the Bund begins at Yan’an Road (formerly Edward VII Avenue) in the south and ends at Waibaidu Bridge (formerly Garden Bridge) in the north, which crosses Suzhou Creek. The Bund centres on a stretch of the Zhongshan Road, named [...]


GDC China in Shanghai set to return in December 2010 after success in 2009.

Game Developers Conference China 2009 organizers have announced almost 3,000 attendees in total for the Shanghai-based event, revealing plans to hold GDC China 2010 next December. The event ended on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at the Shanghai International Convention Center. According to organizers, it brought together over 900 conference, media, and speaking attendees and over [...]


What is Shanghai like? The best of amateur introductions to the City

Chris and Kris discuss living in Shanghai, including: elevator ayis, eating plastic toys, and winter air pollution. Taken from the “doingshanghai” channel on YouTube.


Shanghai calling! Gilles Langorieux, MD Virtous Games, talks to Interactive Selection

Whats it like to work for the world’s leading games outsourcing company in Shanghai? Gilles Langorieux, MD Virtous Games, in Shanghai, China was interviewed by David Smith, MD of Interactive Selection, on his trip to GDC China 11-15 October 2009.


Interactive client CCP Games has jobs to fill in Atlanta, Iceland and Shanghai

CCP Games has a number of top jobs to fill in Atlanta, USA, Reykjavik, Iceland and in Shanghai, china, Please contact your Interactive Selection consultant for details. You can also check possible future co-workers in this great promotional video put together by the team at CCP. David Smith first saw this shown by Senior Procucer [...]


Secondment to 2K Games in China. David talks to Czech Senior Producer Lukas Codr

What’s it like working in games in Shanghai? David Smith, MD, Interactive Selection spoke with Lukas Codr, Senior Producer at 2K Games in Shanghai China during his recent visit to GDC China 11-15 October 2009.


Job Search tips from global games recruiter Interactive Selection

10 Job Search tips from global games recruiter Interactive Selection


You cannot know of all the vacancies that exist in the marketplace. It is our job to know. We don’t promise to know every one, but we do know of 95% and more importantly, we know exactly who to [...]